In the creation of their clothing, Selene Boutique uses the finest fabrics available such as lingerie, San Gallo and Macramè, following strictly the style of the textile tradition of Moda Positano. The high quality and texture of the same fabrics contribute to making unique, elegant and refined the Sorrentine Boutique's works.


Among the oldest in the world, the linen is one of the most used fabrics by Selene Boutique for the creation of its own sartorial works. The first finding of using flax dates back to eighty years ago with the ancient Egyptians and then become more and more important throughout history by becoming the favorite fabric in the production of furnishings and dresses.
Through the various phases of history, the linen, as well as its cultivation and processing methods, has changed in the ways and areas in which it is used, growing in supply as much in demand that consumers across Europe and not continue to grow, researching the amazing products made with this fabric, witnessing its incredible features. The linen comes in contemporary sartorial tradition, also on the two Sorrento and Amalfi coasts, as a fundamental element for the creation of products that combine style and elegance.

The most resistence fiber

Of all the textile fibers, linen is one of the most strong. Comparing this characteristic with other materials, given the high tensile strength, it is classified immediately after special steels. Its composition shows a weak recovery ability of its fibers after bending, which contrasts with good tensile strength. This feature of linen resistance gives the fabrics dimensional stability, high mechanical strength and ability to conserve over time.


High moisture absorb capacity

Linen between its many qualities has a surprising moisture absorb capacity. This quality has been confirmed by studies that have shown that linen sheets offer an incomparable sleep quality due to absorbing power and freshness.


Isolating and thermoregulatory properties

Linen is an empty fiber. This is a peculiarity that plays an important role in the thermoregulatory quality of the fiber which, coupled with the absorption capacity of moistoure, makes it comfortable in all seasons.


Medical and ecological properties

Linen also has medical and ecological qualities. In fact, linen does not irritate the skin and is also attributed to a medical quality that allows the linen fabric to soothe particular skin diseases.

Anti-static, it does not attract dust, does not degrade in the time. Compared to all textile fibers, linen is also the fiber that most respects the environment. Its cultivation preserves the earth and the products that are produced are biodegradable.


San Gallo tessuto
Sangallo is a lace fabric with embroideries in cotton and linen, used for dresses, skirts, shirts that recall a deliciously retro taste. Symbol of simplicity, romance and freshness, the San Gallo lace is usually associated with summer clothing with sleeves or embroidered hems.
Whether it's geometric or floral motifs, the sangallo adapts well during the day with colors such as white or cream, but it can also be used on important occasions. In the beautiful season, furthermore, it enriches the light cotton of bridal dresses. The stylists love San Gallo embroidery, capable of refined and enriches simple fabrics such as linen and cotton.


Of ancient Arabic origin, Macramè is a particular and absolutely valuable lace fabric due to the creativity and the various shapes that can be obtained from the  interlace of many threads. Macramè was much developed in Italy where it starts to thrive due to the creative abilities of italian tailors, the macramè becomes an ornament for towels, sheets, tablecloths and other sartorial products.
Throughout history, this lace has become enriched and complicated according to the creativity and imagination of its creators, nevertheless remaining faithful to the basic motives. Despite the various creatives that have been added to the development of this fabric, the changes have not distroyed the original lace, never losing also the beauty and preciousness of the work.